As a business owner or manager, you’re responsible for the employees that you hire. If an employee behaves in an unlawful manner, it could result in trouble for your company. That’s the reason you should conduct pre-employment screenings and background checks before hiring employees.

Depending on the position, your company’s employment background checks policy may include education, credit history, driving record and licensure. Since there are plenty of reputable background check services available, there’s no excuse for not conducting . Here’s why it’s important.

You’ll know about a prospect’s criminal history.

Whether an employee has prior assault or theft charges, you need to know this information. Not only can conducting employment background screenings protect your employees, it can protect your customers.

Your company could be liable for employee misconduct.

Let’s say you own a trucking company. You hire a truck driver who has a criminal history of driving under the influence of drugs and alcohol. You don’t know this information because you didn’t conduct a background check. If the driver operates your vehicle under the influence of drugs and alcohol, you and your company could be held liable for any accidents.

Conducting background checks can ensure a safe workplace.

Your employees have a right to be safe while they are at work. By neglecting basic safety protocols such as background checks, you could be jeopardizing the safety of your employees.

What is a major consequence of unknowingly hiring a criminal who assaults one of your employees? Your company could get sued.

Regardless of the size of your business, it’s important for you to vet prospects before you hire them for a position at your company. By conducting employment background checks, you can maintain the integrity of your company and keep it as safe as possible.

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