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    Don’t Let Employment Background Checks Slow Down Your Hiring Process

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    We understand that the interview process can be time consuming and stressful — full of emails, calls, interviews and more. But once you’ve landed on the perfect candidate, you shouldn’t let inefficient software and outdated background check processes slow you down.

    Employment Background checks don’t need to throw a wrench in your hiring process. And they shouldn’t break the bank. That’s why we make sure our services are cost-effective and affordable.

    We’re dedicated to simplifying the process of conducting employment background checks. Our user-friendly solutions take the guesswork out of complicated criminal background checking, streamlining the hiring process and allowing your business to focus on what really matters.

    Pre-Employment Background Screening Peace Of Mind.

    Who We Are

    EZ Screen Solutions is a full-service, nationwide pre-employment background screening company offering industry leading software to give your business peace of mind by making the process easy and accurate.

    Our intuitive software provides our clients with ease of use and transparency throughout the background check due diligence process — with automated alerts to your internal team so, they don’t have to take the time to double check every new hire’s record.

    EZ Screen guarantees our clients high-quality information, one the quickest industry turnaround time on completed reports and seamless ease-of-use all while reducing your overall cost.

    What We Do

    The EZ Screen Solution offers a number of services to streamline the employment screening process, provide employment background checks with peace of mind, and provide accuracy quickly and efficiently.

    Services include

    If you ever have any questions, our quick customer services pros are ready to help you with anything that comes your way.

    Alongside these services, expect faster turnaround on completed reports, high-quality results and insightful data that’s easy to understand.

    Cost Effective

    Cost Effective

    EZ Screen can save you 20% or more with one 5 minute call

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    High Touch Customer Service

    High Touch Customer Service

     Have a Question? Call our US based customer service for immediate answers or 15 minute call back

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    Quick Turn Around Time

    One of the fastest industry turnaround times on completed reports

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    Ease of Use & Interpretation

    Our intuitive software provides you with simplicity and transparency throughout the process!

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    Quality Information

    Better quality of information with more criminal data sources searched

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    What Makes Us One of the Best

    What Makes Us One of the Best

    EZ Screen Solutions is an organization of experienced, passionate experts. We eat, sleep and breathe software solutions built to maximize efficiency with the employment background checking process.

    We take our clients and their needs very seriously. We invest in partnerships, working with your business, your criminal background checking needs and your internal team to provide the software, support, and guidance required from start to finish.

    “Running a background check on EZ screen is as easy as pie. It has saved our company from hiring unwanted people that may drag us down. If I ever have a question I call and Shea always answers or gets right back to me. It is one of the best things we have ever done for our company’s hiring process.”
    – Karen M. (Telecom Company)

    “Shea and the team at EZ Screen are professional and responsive. They spent time learning the needs and nuances of our company and then delivered the perfect background screening package for us. At least five background check companies call me each week and I will not entertain a change because of EZ Screen’s excellent customer service and the quality of the background checks they provide. EZ Screen has become a very vital part of our business process! I would highly recommend!”
    – Billie L. (Staffing Company)

    “It’s been great working with Shea Talbot and the EZ Screen team! Very fast customer service. We’ve been with EZ Screen for a few years now and plan to continue!”
    -Sean C. (Temporary Personnel Company)

    “Love EZ Screen! So fast and easy. Gives me results in minutes.”
    – Iris J. (Staffing & Personnel Company)

    “Shea and his team at EZ Screen has always been pleasant to work with. They have great customer service and have always been prompt in answering any questions I may have. I highly recommend EZ Screen!”
    -James R. (Non-Profit Company)

    “I have had an excellent experience with EZ Screen Solutions, LLC. They have been very interactive with our company and have been helpful with questions, etc.”
    -Charity C. (Labor Staffing Company)

    “Very easy and quick set up!! Looking forward to working with the company.”
    -Patricia J. (Staffing Company)

    “This site is very easy to use and very fast in their results.”
    -Trish J. (Staffing Company)

    “EZ Screen is very user friendly and any time there has been an issue Briana from Customer Service has been great to work with and always quick to get back to us.”
    – Katrina S. (Staffing Company)

    “I really enjoy EZ Screen Solutions they have a wonderful team and I always get my background checks back in a timely matter.”
    – Kinya C. (Staffing Company)

    “Their system is very easy to navigate, and a quick turn around on processing times. I enjoy using EZ Screen to complete background screenings on our clients. I’ve had to contact customer service only once, and they were very attentive, and gave excellent customer service.”
    – Candace D. (Staffing Company)