It is all too easy for a person to lie on their job applications, to falsify their employment history or to give you fake references. Catching these things can be difficult, and missing just one person who ends up being hired by your company could put everyone’s safety at risk. When you are searching for background screening companies, we are the right choice. We offer affordable and timely services that you can rely on for your recruitment, retention, hiring and volunteer needs.

No matter what type of an organization or business you run, you do not want to put anyone in harm’s way. Our background screening can identify a history of domestic violence, warrants for arrest, criminal records and poor credit. Our services include military service verification, professional license verification and driver’s license verification. We can do credit report checks, warrant checks and lien checks on any name or Social Security number. Our clients also have us take a look at employment history, local, state, federal and international criminal records and sex offender registries.

You can count on us to deliver the information we uncover in a timely manner. This ensures that your hiring activities can progress as smoothly as possible. We generate reports that are easy to read and that can be stored in your human resources files for your future reference.

You need to make informed decisions about whom you hire or whom you allow to volunteer with your organization. Our background screening companies may reduce your liability in the event that a tragedy takes place. We look forward to helping you maintain a higher level of safety and security. For more information, give us at EZ Screen Solutions a call today or visit us online for additional details about our background checks and other services.

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