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Pre-Employment Background Screening Peace Of Mind.

Experience How Easy, Fast, and Accurate the EZ Screen Solution is for Yourself with 5 Free Comprehensive Criminal Background Checks or a 14-day Trial (whichever comes first).

Want Easy, Accurate, and Reliable Pre-Employment Background Checks with A Quick Turn-Around Time at A Lower Cost Than You Are Paying Today?

We save our clients 20% on average and they get their results faster, and often the results are more accurate and comprehensive than the competition.

Are you looking for:

As a Human Resources Professional, Director, Operations Manager, or Business Owner we know your day is busy and stressful filled with lots of tasks that need to be checked off your list. And, getting applicants through the hiring process is just one of the many things you need to get done. Many of our clients are so busy they tell us that at the end of the day they can’t remember what they did because the day was a fast blur.

The last thing you need is a Background Check system that is difficult to navigate or slow customer service when you need to get something fixed now. You also don’t need to waste time searching through the applicants’ records to figure out what the final disposition was, we make it simple to locate records to make your hiring decisions as fast as possible.

You’re probably thinking, “that all sounds like me, but changing from one background screening company to another is just a lot of headaches and costly”, right?

Not with us. We make it simple. Our system is easy to use and provides a paperless online solution, plus we typically save our new clients 20%. Also, we provide incredibly quick turnaround times on completed reports, the best quality information that is straight to the point, easy to understand, and the fastest customer service in the industry!

We want to make it easy for you to try us out. So, we are offering you 5 Free Comprehensive Criminal Background checks or a 14-day trial, whichever comes first. That way you can see for yourself how FAST, ACCURATE, and RELIABLE our 100% FCRA Compliant our Backgrounds Checks are.

Click the link below to contact us and we will set you up to get 5 Free Comprehensive Criminal Background checks or a 14-day trial, whichever comes first!
Click Here to Get Started

We promise that we will provide what you order every time, on time. We promise quick satisfaction. We promise compliance and quality of information. We promise, that if you have any questions, we will answer them to the fullest extent.
Plus, once you are a client, we GUARANTEE that if the information is not correct you won’t be charged.

Contact us today and get 5 Free Comprehensive Criminal Background checks or a 14-day trial, whichever comes first.

You may be asking:

Click Here to Get Started

Not long at all. We can have you set up in a matter of minutes.

We can provide Pre-Employment, Post-Employment or Employment Background Screening or Checks (any combo), as well as Tenant Screening Services.

National Criminal, County Criminal, State Criminal, Sex Offender Registry, SSN Verification, Motor Vehicle Report, Credit Report, and Drug Testing, and more!

EZ Screen has no set up fees, no maintenance costs and no monthly minimums. You simply pay for what you’ve ordered on Net30 Terms.

It depends on the Background Check you choose, but we will save you 20% on what you currently pay.

Our system allows for paperless for consent forms and online scheduling for drug tests.